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BENGAL STEEL INDUSTRIES LIMITED was incorporated on March 12, 1947. 

The Share Capital of the Company  consists of 49,00,000 Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- each and the same are listed at the Bombay Stock Exchange.

The Board of the Company comprises of Five (5) Directors who are eminent Professionals with experience and expertise from various fields of the Industry. A Brief Profile of each of the Board Members is given below:- 

Mr. V.N. Agarwal

(Promoter & Non Executive Director) | B.E.(Mechanical) | DATE OF APPOINTMENT : 24.02.1984

Having in depth exposure to and involvement in steering diverse business and has wide experience and expertise in Overall Industry and Business Management

Mr. Prakash Agarwal

(Promoter & Non-Executive Director) | B.E(Mechanical) | DATE OF APPOINTMENT : 11.12.1999

Having experience in the overall management of the Engineering Industry

Mrs. Ritu Agarwal

(Promoter & Non-Executive Director) | Graduate | DATE OF APPOINTMENT : 31.03.2015

Having experience in Business Management and Multinational Market

Mr. S.K. Roychowdhury

(Independent Director) | B. Tech (Metallurgical) | DATE OF APPOINTMENT : 02.04.2021

Having experience in the Operations and Management of Engineering Industries (including Foundry), vast experience and expertise in Marketing Management

Mr. G.K.Agarwal

(Independent Director) | Graduate | DATE OF APPOINTMENT : 13.01.1995

Having exposure to Business Management and Operations



The Company is presently engaged in the business of Steel Manufacturing and Fabrication, Real Estate and Other Allied Services. Arrangements are in hand to diversify its line of business for the future growth and prosperity.